All my fears and worries about the unknown and unclear tomorrow, I surrender and lift up to You.

I know You know what I want.

I know You have even better plans for me, beyond what I can even imagine to want or even believe to deserve.

It is not easy to let go of the control. You have created me to want to be in control, because You want me to choose to let go, on my own free will.

I have, long ago, said that I will. But it is extremely difficult to go against how one is made. Still, “difficult” is not “impossible”, and because You are You, I know I can. In You, with You, nothing is ever too difficult to be impossible.

I rest my soul, upon Your caring and loving Hands.

Your Time.
Your Will.
Your Plan for me.

I will obey.

I love you Lord God.

Thank you for everything.


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