Pukwudgie Common Room

Founded by James, Pukwudgie’s represents his excellent skill in stone architecture and woodcarving in its common room. Beautifully carved furniture and woodwork, highlight well-crafted masonry with walls of hewn granite stone. Deep rich cranberry

reds, (Jame’s color contribution to the school) define the accents and decor, from drapes to floor rugs, to plush sofas and chairs, and stained wood. Overall, James’s practical, fun-loving nature gives the house a look that is both expertly-crafted and homey, comfortable, clean, and well-made. 

The first thing to notice about Pukwudgie’s common room is the large hearth, always warm and lit, with plenty of room for study and socializing, the smell of wood smoke and spices drifting through the air.

A kitchen is available for those who wish to try their hand at some heartfelt home-made cooking, or practice potions for healing, and attached to it is plenty of dining space for sharing meals or the latest discovery or plan a student has made. The house itself is located on the ground floor, in easy reach of herbs for fruits from the garden.

Additionally there are quite a few surprises, born of Jame’s no-maj origins, from hidden passageways (to get from place to place easier, or to pull pranks!), to useful and even now, modern, muggle inventions, and everything could be done magically is accessible by hand, from lighting the candles to opening the drapes to let the sunlight in, truly making the space feel like it comes from the heart.


My first Ilvermorny post and I just like how this imagined common room is so homey, and reminds me of how I pictured the Hupplepuff common room, which is my Hogwarts house.


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