Life Goal # 16: Be a published writer.

To see my name on the by-line of an article or my name as the author of a book that gets to be read by millions of people, and for them to find some similarity or common ground with my thoughts and/ or feelings about an issue… that would be something in my book.

I just don’t know when or how it’ll happen, since I haven’t even tried to write anything with the intention of getting it published out there. Most of what I do write are random thoughts in my head, about my personal life. When I was younger, I had this feeling that my ideas would become important in the future which I now consider to be a sort of hallucination, and a great sign of my tendency to feel too self-important. Still, I can’t let go of the dream.

Besides, I do know what to do. I just need to be brave enough to actually do it.


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