June so far…

I don’t know why I can’t seem to put into words the events that have transpired in the first two weeks of the month. Something’s stopping me. Something’s holding me back. And that something has a name: Beryl.

But because I do not want to work on my course outline that is due on Monday right now, and I know that the longer I hold off updating this blog about my life, the more important details and highlights I might forget, so I’m just going to do this in a list.

Here it goes: 


1. The last Saturday of the May was spent at my first Jewels event with mom and Jhay, held at the posh Caprisserie resto, where we met a couple more members. Over-all it was a great experience, but the highlight would be that Mom and I managed to co-exist and even bond, despite the fact that she got on my nerves because she wasn’t listening when I was talking about something, and my reaction got her pissed because, well, that’s how it goes with us. I honestly think that’s how it goes with everyone around me: they react on how I react. I’m not complaining, really, since the alternative would be that they could care less about how I react, but sometimes I just wish I could react/ feel the way I react/ feel without being held against or needing to justify it, to my own self in particular… but I’m getting ahead of myself.

2. Mom and I continued to ‘co-exist’ the next day, when we attended the Sunday Feast, which is slowly becoming my favorite time of the week, and the reason I get to survive the rest of the week. Jhay and I attended the general meeting of the singles ministry, sans mom, who had chosen to attend the second session which also happened to be the youth session (and she reported feeling out of place, but that’s what happens when you don’t get up early!) Jhay’s first CG (care group) was fun and enjoyable, from my own perspective anyway. I love that I can spend time with her in these things, and hopefully, one day, Pami and even Boji can join us.

3. My last two days of vacation was spent cleaning my room and getting ready for the coming opening of school.

4. Wednesday was the first of June and my first day at the Multiple Intelligence International School. There are soooooo many things I want to write about MIIS, too many for me to put in this list. It deserves a list of its own, and I’ll get on that… later. I do have to say that when I prayed for God to lead me to the place I’d be the happiest and therefore be able to work my best… He was listening.

5. Was supposed to be at a family thing today but I left last night. I left because I wanted to leave. I wanted to leave because I wanted to leave, though perhaps, there’s more to it than just that, but then… I am entitled to keep some things to my self, even from my own blog. Maybe one day I’d gather up the guts to air out my secrets… we’ll see..

I really should get on back to my CO, but first, I think I’ll get my clean laundry in from the clothes’ line as it looks like it’s about to rain…


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