This June, I commit myself to:
1. Carve time to exercise, at least three hours a week (jogging, kickboxing, HIIT) and
2. Save 30% of my earnings, give 10% as church tithe and budget the rest for necessary expenses
3. Get my hair rebonded before the month’s end

Today’s the last day of May, and the last day of my six-week vacation. I am proud and grateful that I got to make the most of my time, volunteering, worshiping, writing and keeping myself busy with the things that mattered to me. I may have had to shelf some plans for a later time, but that’s perfectly alright.

For now, I am just excited to get back to work, start anew in my new school, meet and get to know my new work mates and learn as much as I can.

The national elections happened this month and the results are in:

I pray that they, together with all the other leaders elected into power, would make wise, kind and fair use of that power for the benefit and progress of my beloved country.

Mom and my friend Jhay have joined me in The Feast and I’m so happy that I get to share the blessings with them. I am hoping my brother and my other friend Pami can also join us soon. I’ve already invited my cousin Agnes to go to the Feast Manila one of these days. God-willing, it will all all into place.

There’s so much more I want to do today, but for now, I think I’ll catch up on some of my shows.


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