X-Men: Age of Apocalypse: A Review

After a couple of hours of internal debate, I allowed myself to go see my third cinema movie this month. I actually only realized that it was my third time this month while Jhay and I were on our way to our seats! This once again proves my belief that everything that happens twice, will happen a third time nmw.

Anyway, Jhay and I met up to go to CRIBS and spend some QT with the babies who are all growing up so fast I can’t even. I’m planning to go there later this afternoon, but we’ll see if the weather, which is very influential to my mood, allows.

After CRIBS, we decided to go see the new X-Men movie. Pami was invited but she said she’s busy with school and work duties, unfortunately.

Now before I go to my review of the movie, let me just write this down: I have messed up my work-out habit and I am so sorry future self. I think my body got really hungry after a month of restricting myself, even if I didn’t really plan to be restrictive in the first place. I’m still going to carve out time to exercise, but I think I’ll have to restart it tomorrow (Saturday) and maybe look for more fun activities that will require me to move.

Okay, the review: (SPOILERS)

First of, I have to be honest that even though I grew up watching X-Men cartoons, in the recent years, I’ve grown more fascinated by the Avengers. 

It’s probably because the Avengers movies and TV show (for a time) were interconnected and made a neat timeline of continuous story-telling and development. Also, these programs are real action-packed movies, complete with epic stunts and fight choreography that you/ I just can’t not watch.

Now, I like X-Men. I even loved the last one (Days of Future Past) and how the timeline circled back nicely to the first.

X-Men: Age of Apocalypse continues on where DFP left of, and featured some good to great moments between the much – loved characters such as when Professor X gushing over Moira MacTaggert with Hank McCoy being amused or when Hank and Raven meet again and note that neither of them stayed blue and then Kurt i.e. Nightcrawler pops in and says he’s blue, or when Quicksilver saved the students when Havoc accidentally blows the school up. That last one was definitely a highlight of the movie.

I love Evan Peters in AHS but that wig is just awful.

As for the rest, well, I really thought and hoped they were just building up to the big fight. I understand that Professor X and Magneto’s powers are mental and metal manipulation, which basically keeps them from doing hand to hand combat, but then, they had all these new characters in, and I feel like they weren’t all able to shine. 

Archangel/ Angel dying just like that was a fail for me. I was really looking forward to getting to know him more.

Ororo was okay; I liked that she finally jumped in at the very end, and helped the X-Men defeat Apocalypse. Still, even that scene felt forced. 

I understand Jean Grey/ Phoenix is a very powerful mutant, but I was still waiting for some more physical scenes. As it is, I couldn’t help but picture how they made the movie, in harnesses and green screens.

Frankly speaking, this movie got boring real fast. For a film that has Apocalypse in it’s title, it didn’t have a lot of apocalyptic scenes, at least one that felt real. The only apocalyptic moment would have to be when Erik’s family were killed with one arrow, but it was done so early on in the film, the audience hasn’t gotten to know them to care enough, plus we all know Magneto goes bad, so you really can’t feel bad for him for long.

When Xavier spoke to the world of Apocalypse’s message, their reaction was just stupid. It may have been edited out, I guess, which is even more stupid. I remembered that scene in the last Harry Potter movie when Voldemort spoke to everyone’s heads and people were reacting like they were invaded. If you think about it, that’s a form of mental rape and should get more reaction that just “What was that?”

I’d really like to say the visual effects were awesome, because they were, but still, I find them messy, all-over the place and excessive. The part where Magneto destroys the Auschwitz interment camp made sense in a way; but for the rest, all the brown stuff flying made me feel a little sick.

I also didn’t understand the point of Moira MacTaggert. Her reactions were ridiculous, even for a CIA agent working on/ with mutants. I love Rose Byrne but this wasn’t her best. 

Now, the character of Jubilee was not even introduced AT ALL, so I don’t know why she was even there. 

I was hoping to see Channing Tatum’s Gambit, since I googled the cast and it included him, but he was, sadly, a no-show. 

Wolverine was there, though. I remember feeling really weirded out with that scene between him, young Jean Gray and young Scott Summers, knowing how messed up their love triangle would get. 

Speaking of Cyclops, I was really hoping they’d give him some backbone this time around. At least in the cartoons, it made a lot of sense that Scott was the leader of the X-Men. In this one, it still felt like he was one of the core characters we can do without. 

One last thing I want to b*tch about would be that post-credits scene: WTF! I know I can be classified as a bandwagoner fan, since I didn’t read the comics and I’m just really watching all these movies now because they’re popular right now, but still. Where was Channing Tatum? What the hell is Essex Corp? Why did I have to wait that long (because it felt really long) to see something that absolutely made no sense to me?

I don’t know if others feel the same way as I do. I’m bound to read and watch reactions and feedbacks in the days to come, and we’ll see.

I also got to watch Captain America: Civil War last week, as a treat for mom’s day. It’s not my favorite MCU movie, mostly because they didn’t tie it up with the events happening in Marvel’s Agents of Shield which, I have to say, is even more exciting than what was happening between Captain America and Iron Man. 

Still, seeing the other familiar characters (yay, Spidey!) and pretty much relating to their predicament (on whether great power requires great oversight or not), added to the really awesome fight scenes and equally good acting (I love Elizabeth Olsen’s Scarlet Witch!), was more enjoyable to watch. 

I don’t regret going to see X-Men, but I honestly, I think I need some break from all these superhero action. I think I’ll go work on my novel idea for a while.


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