Life Goal # 11: Learn to drive

This particular goal ties in nicely with my dream vehicle: a Wrangler Jeep, in deep moss green/ military green, with pink and black interiors. It’s the least type of vehicle I would see myself coming off from, but I want it. I want it badly. I don’t even know the specs or whatever you call it, but it’s the first and only vehicle that made my heart go a-flutter when I saw one up close. Up close, meaning, I was on a public utility jeepney (the most common type of commuter vehicle in the country) and I saw it. I wanted to jump off and follow it, but of course I didn’t. I wasn’t that crazy.

But I still really want it. I love that’s it’s a four-wheeler SUV that can go off-tracks, meaning I can use it for road trips to mountains and forests and all that. I want that. I really, really do.

One day…


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