Healthy Hermit

I haven’t gone out of the house since mom and went to vote last Monday. I didn’t go to AC last Wednesday as I originally planned, because I was lazy, and then yesterday, I got my writing mojo on which is AWESOME so it was worth it. After that, I finally decided to go out and get groceries because we didn’t have anything to eat anymore.

I know I’m procrastinating, and I still wonder why. I mean, I want it over with, officially, but the idea of going to that place where so many negative feelings were felt… just doesn’t appeal to me. I still have two weeks left of vacation, and I have signed up to volunteering at CRIBS for the rest that time. I may be able to squeeze in a quick trip to AC, maybe Monday. We’ll see.

Another thing I’m feeling guilty about is that I skipped two work-out days (or I should say nights). I was too tired last Monday and then last night, all I wanted was to eat the dinner I made, which I did. I don’t regret taking those two days off, but I do feel bad for wrecking my own schedule. This is the first time in my whole adult life that I finally have routine set up. I like being able to discipline myself and follow the regimen.

So I’ve decided to put it on paper. Or in my blog, anyway.

Just to clarify: I’m the type of person who needs balance in all things, including my routines and my need for variety. I’ve learned that I just need to have a couple of routine things done in the morning and before I go to bed at night. In between those times, I’m okay with surprises and interruptions. So far, I’ve managed to observe these routines for two months. In truth, with the exemption of this week, I’ve been a very good, well disciplined girl. I feel that by writing these all down will help me to get myself back on track and remember why I’m doing this in the first place which is: TO MAKE THE MOST OF THE LIFE I’VE BEEN GIVEN.

In the last two months, I have been pretty lenient with the actual time I need to get something done. I’ll be adding specific time frames this time, just so I know I’m within schedule, especially since school starts in a few weeks.

I’m also going to work on my breakfast and lunch menus once school starts. The objectives are to ensure I eat healthy, be wise with my expenses on food (since I love fast food and I need to break that habit), and be disciplined in following schedules.

Hopefully, and I am claiming it, I can pull off 100% of these plans.


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