Cinco de Mayo was last Thursday and it marked my first month of consistently carving an hour out, six days a week, to exercise in the form of walking, jogging and doing arm flexes.This is all part of my quest to be fit this 2016, and I am very proud of this milestone, but I know I’m still a long way to go. 

I have written that my main goal is to start having an active, healthy lifestyle, and the weight loss is merely an additional perk, one that I would have to admit does make help my ego a lot. I recently got my medical check – up as part of my employment requirements and my current weight is 152 lbs. At 5’ 1", my ideal weight is between 95 – 116 lbs, though my personal target is 120 lbs. I remember almost ten years ago when I weighed that much, I saw my body in the mirror and knew that this is the best I’ve looked and more importantly, felt. I want to get that feeling back.

Today will be day 29 and I’m feeling like changing my routine. I’m still going to do it at night, since I know that once school starts that’ll be the only time for me to squeeze in a work-out, and consistency is a very important aspect of this whole thing. 

Now, I stumbled upon this video and I just had to share it. I am an endomorph as most of my family members, particularly the females. I know that based on my body type, my diet plays a big factor in my getting healthy. At present, I am guilty of consuming a lot of processed meat from fast food chains (KFC and McDonald’s are my go-to favorites) and no vegetables or fruits. I know, I know; it’s bad. But I’m going to work on that this month. It’ll take some more researching but I’m on it. I promise.

On the bright side, at least I was doing the correct work-outs (strength training and cardio) and I plan to keep on doing them as I go further. It’s funny but I can honestly say that I’ve been enjoying my work-outs more than I would have expected, but then being able to have fun while doing them is a key requirement.

I’m not going to give myself a deadline. Not just yet, since I’m still just beginning. Besides, there’s no rush anyway. I’m just taking it a day at a time, and loving every moment of it.


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