Fluid Ideas

Okay so I promised that I would update my Novel Ideas blog *at least* twice a week starting this month. I have procrastinating on this for quite some time now — more than twenty years to be sure — and it’s high time I get to work.

I have a lot of ideas in my head, most of them are still very … fluid? I don’t know if it’s the right word to describe them, as opposed to saying that I don’t have a SOLID clue on how to attack them. Get it?

Anyway… I do have this one particular story idea that I have been playing with for over two years now. Recently, I’ve gotten into this practice of telling the story to myself as a form of unique entertainment. (I talk to myself a lot, as you may imagine.)

The thing is, this idea isn’t really just ONE idea. It’s a conglomerate of ideas packed into one, and in my head, they are all over the place. When I talk to myself about it, I try to pull on a particular thread of idea and spin around until, well, I get done with it. The upside on this is I get to entertain myself. The downside is that I tend to forget that thread once I’ve pulled it.

Which is a waste of thread/ idea really.

So I guess I really do NEED to start putting ideas down into paper, even if they may tend to get messed up or twisted or go all over the place. I am still not sure if how I’ll write everything down, and I tend to want to be sure when I want to write something, a practice that I don’t think would work for my journey in fiction writing.

I need to find a writer’s philosophy. Or maybe I need to make my own.

Probably the latter.

Well, for one thing: writing should be freeing. If it doesn’t feel like I’m being freed from the constraints of the world, then I’m not doing a very well job. Writing should also be truth-based. Truth is such an arbitrary thing, in my head. As a writer, I can make up something and call it my truth, and others may choose to believe me or question me. But that would come in later because the most important part of my writing is this: I AM WRITING FOR ME. (Or as the cliche goes: I write to express, not to impress.)

That philosophy still needs some work, but you/ I get the gist. I would work on that as I go along my writing journey and hopefully, by the end of this month (i.e. my summer vacation), I’ll have a more eloquently written writer’s philosophy.

In the mean time, I’m going to work on this two-year old idea of mine


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