Bee Happy

As always, I fail to update this blog when something awesome happens.

In my defense, I really just wanted to absorb how great these last two days has been — I’m on a happy high, to be honest. Writing has always been a form of therapy, an escape from the bad thoughts, a kind of catharsis from the negative.

Which, after reading that sentence, doesn’t necessarily make sense now. I should be able to balance it out, right? Write when I’m sad, when I’m happy, when I’m anxious, when I’m calm… basically whenever.

So here I am now, fresh from my third The Feast attendance. I got to go with Pami again this time and we had an absolute blast. I’m hoping I can go with mom and brother next week *crossfingers*. It so happened that the speaker was a former co-teacher from OLOPSC.

Now that I’ve mentioned OLOPSC, let me write this once and for all: I have asked God to lead me to where I will find a community where I will truly belong, and built a family to work, learn and love. My human brain and heart truly believed (note: past tense) it was in OLOPSC, but HE SAID NO. He had/ has other plans for me — better, greater, more awesome, more epic plans for me that I can comprehend. It may not be OLOPSC for now; it may never be OLOPSC again. I wouldn’t know, just yet. In His perfect time, I would understand why my fantasies of coming home to OLOPSC weren’t to be, but it is more than enough for me to know that I have accepted it. I surrender to God’s will and will let Him write my story. As they say:

Besides, who knows, maybe what I have been looking for all this time was/ is in the Multiple Intelligence International School/ MIIS?

Yes, dear blog readers and future self, I am now (or will be, come June 1) officially an instructor/ adviser/ moderator in MIIS, and I can’t be happier.

Mind you, I’ve learned A WHOLE LOT in my past experiences, and I know on paper that MIIS sounds too good to be true. This time around though, I will remain open to everything. I will also make sure to do my very, VERY BEST in all that I work on, and most importantly, I WILL ENJOY THE WORK. It’s been so, so, sooooo long since I have done that, and I can’t even tell you just how excited I am to get to do it again, only differently because, I’d like to think, I am a little bit smarter and surely a lot more humble now than I was when I first started teaching.

School kicks off first week of July, but preparations will begin 1st of June. I aim to get all my employment requirements submitted by the end of this week, or at least before our Boracay trip (which I’m not so sure I mentioned already, and I hope that if I hadn’t yet, mentioning it now won’t jinx it).

I still need to go back to AC to get my clearance signed so I can get my last pay, my certificate of employment and FINALLY, be free from any more responsibilities from the school that caused me so many anxiety and taught me a lot about my self, to which I am very grateful.

But for now, I think I’ll work on my life goals and the three things I will commit to doing this month.

Some notes regarding the 3Things for April:

  1. I did try to read Narnia last month, but it just made me really sleepy so I decided to watch the movies instead: loved Prince Caspian and Edmund #angpogikainis. 
  2. I also didn’t read much on gardening because IT’S SO FREAKING HOT in the Philippines right now, so I think I’ll shelf that… next time. 
  3. I did, however, committed to working out six times a day, but my cheat day is Friday instead of Saturday. Monday marks day 21, which means I’ve just made it a habit! Hooray for me!

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