AND SO IT HAPPENED. For the past week, I have been dealing with this hanging-by-a-moment thing, professionally speaking. And I have just written a lot about it a while ago. Right after I finished, a text comes in and I am thrust into a different phase with a different question: Now What?

I have been wishing for and dreading this text message.

Pros of Taking on This New School

1. It’s a sure thing.
2. It’s an international school.
3. There’s training, therefore, new learning.
4. It’s non-traditional though they do have grades.
5. It’s a new environment so I’ll get to meet new people.
6. The commute time is roughly an hour (since Katipunan traffic can get pretty congested during rush hour) but it’ll only be P40 back and forth, plus I can probably find a carpool service.
7. I have a couple of college friends there.
8. They have small classes.
9. I really liked talking to the principal.
10. It’s a real, fresh start.

Cons of Taking on This New School

1. I’ll be teaching Grade 4.
2. I don’t know how much the salary would be.
3. I’ll have to learn to socialize with new people, which would mean extra work, but then, I do want that extra work so maybe this really isn’t a con.
4. I would have to work this new thing into my current routine somehow. The idea is scary, somehow, but still appealing.

Pros of Waiting on OLOPSC

1. If I do get in, I’ll be able to redeem myself somehow, both in OLOPSC and in the high school department.
2. I know the system, mostly, and it seems that they have greatly improved in the three years I was gone.
3. I’ll see the last batch of Grade 6 pupils I had (i.e. the worst batch I ever handled) move up to Senior High school.
4. I’ll see familiar faces from the grade school and the admin.
5. I can show them that I have grown.

Cons of Waiting on OLOPSC

1. I might not get in anyway.
2. It’s not a sure thing, basically.
3. I hate waiting.

On paper, it’s pretty clear what I should do. And I have to admit, the only reason I was going crazy waiting for OLOPSC is because I have this weird, illogical belief that it’s where I should be. But if God is giving me a sign by having this message come to me moments after I wrote my previous post, then perhaps, I should listen.

I really don’t know. If I keep on waiting for OLOPSC, I might lose this chance of a sure thing. But if I grab this sure thing, just so I can have a sure thing ready, I might regret not giving OLOPSC a chance. So far, it’s only been a week. I can still call back tomorrow and follow up. I’ve texted this other school if it’s possible to move it on Friday (since I do have a scheduled volunteer time at CRIBS tomorrow at 2-4). Not sure if they’re open to that as my phone shut down before I could read the new message that came in.

*sigh* This just made me stop working on my laundry. Better get that done and then have lunch.


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