These past few days, I have had a frequent realization that, no matter how often it pops into my head, I am still surprised that I’ve just realized it now. The realization is this: the sun is always shining.

Even when I don’t see it, it is ALWAYS SHINING. It is also always warm, fixed in it’s position and keeps the earth and the rest of the planets on their axis. Day in and day out. Even during those days that it rains really hard and you end up missing the sun. Even when the clouds cover up the whole sky, the sun stays there, shining happily. Even when night takes over and darkness covers my side of the world, it brightly lights the other part of the world. Even when I’m asleep, it keeps on working, feeding the world with it’s heat. Even when I die, it will continue to do so, possibly for more than a billion years more.

How awesome is that?! How great is the sun that it can shine brightly, fearlessly, unapologetically.

In my book, that’s the ultimate goal: to shine so brightly, so fearlessly, so unapologetically, no matter what happens to me.

I want to be free and at peace, doing my work, giving out love and light, warmth and joy to all I meet. I want be as happy as the sun, aware of the clouds and other weather conditions, but is never prevented by any of them to live out the purpose of my existence. I want to grow bigger, get brighter and be better, so I can help others shine and find light.

I want to be like the sun, and I will be. I will work on it, and everyday, even if I don’t see it shine, I will know it does, and I’ll be grateful that I have it to remind me why I am alive.


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