The Jungle Book: A Review

Pami, Jhay and I finally got to see each other this month and we decided to see “The Jungle Book”.

I was really excited to see this Disney adaptation after I saw its trailer. I had read the book when I was a kid, and I remembered the adorable Baloo. The movie didn’t disappoint.

Neel Sethi, the kid who portrayed Mowgli, deserves an award or some sort of recognition. For a newbie, he could act. I could only imagine how difficult it was, since the movie was basically a feat for CGI engineers.

Certain parts of the movie reminded me of other Disney movies, like the scene where Mowgli got stuck in a stampede of water buffalo, and used that opportunity to escape from the fearful Shere Khan. It brought back that heartbreaking scene where Mufasa died by the hands of his brother Scar, with young Simba witnessing the whole thing.

My favorite part of the movie would have to be the whole interaction with Baloo (since he is my favorite character), particularly when he was making Mowgli get honey combs, and they fell on the pig (?) and Baloo licked the honey off him.

I have to say though, I really though Bagheera was a girl when I was reading the book. Not that it matters much. I also couldn’t help but feel bad when Shere Khan died. I mean, he was scary and mean and clearly wanted Mowgli dead, but with the current state of tigers in the wild (they are endangered, borderline extinct, and just writing that makes me tear up), I wished there was a way to save him, somehow.

Over – all, a very good movie, worth the cinema ticket.

Pami and I have been hanging out without Jhay, who has been busy with her school-related responsibilities. We’re now planning a Boracay trip, courtesy of Jhay’s seaman boyfriend, and I’m beyond excited. I have gone to Boracay once, six years ago, paid for by my grandparents. It was a graduation gift of sorts, and even though I was really grateful — it was my first time to get on a plane — I didn’t really get to enjoy the trip. My grandparents wanted to rest and relax, so they stayed inside their air-conditioned room in the hotel for most of our three-day, two-night stay. My aunt was with her nine-year old Fil-Am son, and my uncle, who had just gone through a divorce, wasn’t really into my kind of exploration. I did get some time away from them, and saw some of the island, but I didn’t have much pocket money to spend on stuff. When my grandfather booked for an island hopping tour, I got excited. We got to see Puka Beach and also went snorkling, but we still didn’t get to finish the whole tour because the tide got too rocky for my grandmother. I’m hoping that I would be able to do more this time around.

I’m also hoping to do more of these reviews as planned. I have an idea of writing one review for each: movie, music, TV show and book. 



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