Life Goal # 8: Learn to speak another language.

Filipinos are bilingual by nature. Most of the Filipino words we have originated from some other language, particularly Spanish (as a result of being a Spanish colony for more than three centuries), Malay and American English. I consider myself proficient with American English, even with my thick Filipino accent. I know I need to study up on my own language, but there’s no reason not to do that while learning a new language. Right now, I’m using the app named DuoLingo to learn Spanish, which isn’t really that different from Filipino to be honest. There’s a bunch of other languages I can learn from this app and I’ve set my daily Xp goals to the Insane level, just so I can challenge myself. 

On a side note, I’m not sure if I’m supposed to call it Filipino or Tagalog, as the latter is the dialect of most of Luzon provinces, and there are a bunch of other dialects in the archipelago. Will have to Google that one.

I’ve Googled it!

According to Wikipedia, Filipino is the “formalized version of Tagalog”  or the alternative name for Tagalog, which is spoken by a third of the country’s population. Officially, Filipino is recognized by the Commission on the Filipino Language as “the native language, spoken and written, in Metro Manila, the National Capital Region and in other urban areas in the archipelago”. It is a pluricentric or polycentric language, much like English, French, Malay and Chinese, in that there are several standard versions of it. Basically, I was right to call it Filipino.


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