Above Water

March 1 has started pretty great for me. Everything was pretty much the same: Went to work as it is Tuesday. Gone through the seemingly endless test papers of the learners who are now on hyper-speed to get themselves cleared within the remaining 13 days. Left early. Listened to the radio on the way home. Arrived home. Decided to eat first thing, and then rested with my phone in hand. Scrolled through my Twitter feed, I stumble upon this tweet from my favorite radio station.

This is where the night took an unexpected turn. 

I thought, why not try and call, see if it’ll ring, if someone would pick it up. I had an idea of what I would share on air and it had something to do with my previous struggles at work.

Well, it rang. Someone answered. And I had my first radio interview (of sorts), spilled my guts on air and honestly, it was cathartic.

I truly believe everything happened today as planned by someone Greater than me, and it’s amazing to realize that, after ALL THAT darkness, I’m still here. I survived it. And I’m stronger for it.

On a side note: I’ve been trying to discipline myself more with taking better care of my body, so I bought stuff for my facial care last Sunday. I’m also lessening my food intake, gradually. Next step would be to follow a trial work-out schedule for a month. I’m going to do all this because, well, it is the right thing to do.


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