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G e n e r a l – P e r s o n a l i t y

Ravenpuffs are often very reserved creatures, living within an intricate world in their minds. They are incredibly expressive, but not very voiceful in this way. Instead they tend to show it through their gestures, through their creations, and all around through their journey in life. They have a mission, whether they are aware of this or not, and that is to ultimately find themselves and their purpose. They are tedious in this task and relish in the journey.

P o s i t i v e – & – N e g a t i v e – T r a i t s

Ravenpuffs do not often approach others on their own, but rather wait to be approached. When they are, however, they do not appear standoffish. They are quite kind to everyone they meet, and try not to make quick judgments. As they are patient with their own selves, they are also patient in finding out what others are like, and taking their time to form a proper opinion on them.  They are also very observant and insightful, which causes them to choose their words carefully, in an attempt not to hurt anyone’s feelings.

However, Ravenpuffs can also be very distant at times, as they do not feel the need to have strong barriers in the real world. Instead they like to dream, and live through this when they feel the need to escape. Though they are considerate people, they can often seclude into themselves when upset rather than voicing it, which can make them seem very far from those around them.

C o m m o n – S t a r – S i g n s

An incredibly common sign for a Ravenpuff is Pisces, as these are people whom are intuitive dreamers. Other common signs for Ravenpuffs are Capricorn and Cancer, though of course any sign is possible.

H o b b i e s

Ravenpuff hobbies can vary, but they are often ones that they are fully invested in. They make great artists and novelists, because they can absorb themselves into their own reality so well that they can believe every single action and intricate stroke that they take. They are not big into team hobbies, as they often work much better alone. 

F r i e n d s h i p s

Though they are considerate and polite, Ravenpuffs are not ones to have a large circle of friends. Since they are so very detailed in their examinations, they often have a few close friends, that they love with all of their being. They are incredibly loyal in these friendships, and are terrified of harming their sanctity in someway. This can make them seem a bit cautious and afraid, which is why they often need friends who loosen their inhibitions a little.

I n t i m a t e – R e l a t i o n s h i p s

Ravenpuffs are not always looking for intimacy, but those who crave it are often fallen into the hopeless romantic type. They want that fairytale romance they have seen so much in movies and read so much of in books. Their need for these glittering butterflies in their heart make them have a difficult time actually finding a relationship, because they rarely meet up to their standards. This causes them to instead, as they normally do, go back into their own imagination.

T y p o l o g y

The average typology for a Ravenpuff is INFP (Introverted-Intuitive-Feeling-Perceptive) because they are shy in their nature, but have beautiful minds and souls that shine out of the crowd.

A b n o r m a l – P s y c h o l o g y

Note: This section of the analysis is not diagnosis, just a common observation. Do not take it as a diagnosis, nor ask me to diagnose you. If you believe you may have a disorder of some kind and are concerned about it, please seek a professional.

Ravenpuffs can have very eccentric habits and thinking patterns, which may make them come off as strange to other members of society. As well they tend to try to avoid their emotions, or at the very least voicing them, which can cause them to become dependent on vices. Due to their strong sense of being within themselves, they are also much more prone to paranoia.

R e l i g i o u s – V i e w s

Though not too strong in announcing their views, whatever they believe tends to be very deeply embedded into Ravenpuffs. They feel it within every fiber of their being, and that is the only way they can fully confide in it. If they don’t believe in something, they won’t go with it, and it is as simple as that, no hesitation involved.

P o l i t i c a l – V i e w s

Politics are not something that Ravenpuffs are very interested in, as it involves much conflict that they find trivial. Any causes they fully support they will often support peacefully, and with much avoidance to argument. They do not find political discussions or debate to be too invigorating, and will avoid them as much as possible. However, they often tend toward those opposite of them, which can cause them to get into such affairs without trying. 

C a r e e r s

Ravenpuffs vary in their occupational choices, but whatever they choose, they choose with all of their will toward it. They like many artistic and expressive jobs, because they want to feel alive in whatever it is they are doing. They also tend to go from job-to-job, because they are trying to find themselves in the most extensive way possible, and that includes career.

I d e a l – E n v i r o n m e n t

The ideal environment for a Ravenpuff is one that is serene, where they can have an uninterrupted aura about them. Literally speaking, they enjoy beaches and forests, because they can feel in touch with themselves without disruption.

S e l f – P e r c e p t i o n

Ravenpuffs perception of themselves is constantly changing, though they tend to be very humble. They do not think low of themselves, but they will not voice any type of confidence aloud. They see this as either rude or bad luck, sometimes a combination.

L i f e – M i s s i o n

The mission of a Ravenpuff is their own, not something to be generalized for the masses. They are some of the most unique beings there are in the world.

Ravenpuff INFJ here, and this is 89% spot on!


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