This moment has arrived.

She felt flushed, and wondered if the punch was spiked with alcohol.

He could hear his heart beating, and it was very fast.

This is it.

She badly wanted to check her reflection.

He was in desperate need of a breath mint.

They have been waiting for this.

She hoped he wouldn’t notice her cheeks burning, though she could feel it and knew she was getting as red as a tomato.

He could smell her perfume and it made his knees weak.

They never talked about it, but this was what they both wanted tonight.

She tugged on her knee lenght mint-green dress, as one of the straps slides down her shoulder.

He wanted to pull the strap up. Or did he?

They knew this was going to happen tonight.

She starts feeling her armpits get sweatier by the moment.

All he could think about what how slender her shoulders were, which he never took notice off when she’s wearing the prescribed school uniform.

The car stopped. 

This is really it.

She tucked a stray hair behind her left ear and turned towards him with a shy smile.

He turned his head towards hers and caught her eye.

They didn’t move a muscle.

She raised her eyebrows at him in question, as if saying “What now?”

He bit his lower lip and tried desperately to remember how he practiced this weeks before.

The silence spoke volumes.

“I had a great time!” they exclaim at the same time.

“Me too!” again in unison.

They both laughed.

She turned to him and smiled, her eyes reflecting what she felt.

He turned to her and grinned, his eyes absorbing everything about her at this moment.

Closer… closer… closer

Their lips met.

And it was magical.


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