There are a billion people all over the world right now.
Some are working. Some are sleeping.
Some are eating with family and friends. Some are eating alone.
Some are laughing. Some are crying.
Some have reached their final destination. Some are just about to start. Some don’t even know where they are going yet.
Some wonder quietly why they even try. Some keep on trying, for one reason or another. Some have given up completely.
Some have learned from past mistakes. Some keep repeating them.
Some wish for a better life. Some work for one.
Some live in their own worlds. Some want to live in others’ worlds.
Some write.
Some sing.
Some dance.
Some walk.
Some swim.
Some see.
Some hear.
Some watch.
Some listen.
Some speak.
Some remain quiet.
Some just be.

But you… you are out there, waiting. For me.
And I… I am out here, waiting. For you.
For us.

The chances of us finding each other at this very moment are slim to none.
Not because it isn’t meant to be.
It is just not meant to be right now.
And I believe this to be true, because I have to.
I need to live in the hope that you are indeed out there.
And I hope you will choose to live in the hope, in the belief, that I am, truly, out here.
And when we are done with all of the things we have to do on our own…
When we are done with all the people we have to meet, to know, to learn from, to love…
When we are ready to finally, at long last, be together…

It will happen.
And it will be perfect.


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