Stuff I Learned/ Thought of While Binge Watching Veronica Mars

*some minor spoilers*

Kristen Bell is an angel. Seriously, she’s just adorable. She’s sexy without trying. She’s spunky without the emo-look I always associate with the adjective. She’s intelligent because she can act dumb (and you know, use the blonde stereotype thing). Plus, she’s so little, I just want to put her in my pocket and take her home. Also, she loves, loves, loves sloths. And she’s Anna in “Frozen”. How can you not love her?

Jason Dohring as Logan Echolls is probably the best character development I’ve seen so far, that was driven purely because fans loved his natural chemistry with Kristen a.k.a. Veronica Mars. From a big bully to an all-around douche to a reformed (somewhat) bad boy, Logan is my second favorite bad guy turned good. (Damon Salvatore. Always.)

So many young stars started in this show: Amanda Seyfried (never mentioned in the movie, unfortunatley) to Leighton Meester (wasn’t in the movie, but her character was) to Krysten Ritter (was in the movie) to Charisma Carpenter (didn’t like how her character exited the show, to be honest) to Alyson Hannigan to Lisa Rinna to Tessa Thompson (whom I recently saw in “Creed” and was also part of “Selma”, though I didn’t recognize her) Matt Czurchy (who later plays a different Logan in one of my favorites that is making a comeback, “Gilmore Girls”). There’s more I forgot to mention, but you get the point.

The story telling is definitely different from other shows I’ve watched. Not all storylines are finished in one episode. I’m still in season 3, and I don’t want to continue watching just yet because I know it’s the last season, and really, I don’t want to watch Piz and Veronica together BECAUSE THEY JUST DON’T MAKE SENSE TO ME, but basing purely on the first two seasons, this show shouldn’t have been cancelled.

Still, because it was, it went on to have cult following, so strong that it got to make a movie with money coming in from a Kickstart campaign. Basically fans of the show wanted closure so badly (mostly for LoVe, I believe) that they paid in big money to PRODUCE one. I just love that.

One of my favorite characters in this show is Weevil. Why he and Veronica never hooked up is beyond me. I also love his “friendship” with Logan.

I read about Teddy Dunn’s role confusion when playing Duncan, who I really, really wanted to work in the first season. There was chemistry there, somewhere. But no dice. He was just too… dead. A character with no character, at least until the season 2 finale. I really wanted to know what he’s up to now, years after, but they didn’t mention him in the movie, unfortunately. Still hoping he and his baby Lilly at least be given some sort of closure should a sequel happen, AND IT SHOULD.

Other (cancelled) shows I’d like to binge watch in the future: “Greek” (because Cappie and Casey are LOVE!), “Switched at Birth” (for Bemmet),“The Tomorrow People” (because Robbie Amell and Luke Mitchell are GORGEOUS SPECIMENS), and “The 100” (because.).

As mentioned, Gilmore Girls is making a comeback on Netflix and I am more than excited about it because that show was my favorite. It’ll be great to know what Lorelei and Rory are up to now. I’m hoping it’ll be a successful revival, so that they may revive other old favorites like “Seventh Heaven”, “Charmed” and “Dawson’s Creek”.

I’m waiting for “Shadowhunters”, the TV version of Cassandra Clare’s “The Mortal Instruments” series to get half a season run before I begin watching, though based on the feedback, it’s not looking too good. Sadly.


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