Been reading past posts to spend the night before I go to bed because (1) I figured, why not; (2) I wrote some pretty good stuff, tbh and (3) I’m trying to distract myself from getting all anxious about my possibly getting observed on Friday.

It’s only a possibility as of now because my coordinator is part of the panel for the seniors’ thesis defense. I don’t know if it would have made me dread Friday less if it was a sure thing.

Probably not.

I really don’t like class observations; probably never will. It’s extra annoying that they’re part of the clearance requirements, so you really have no choice about it.


I think the thing I really dislike about this is the uncertainty of it all. Not knowing what’s going to happen is still something I haven’t learned to like, even if I know it’s part of life. Heck, that’s life in general. With so many possibilities ahead, they’re bound to surprise you because you really don’t know which possibility will happen!

Oh well. Will just try — harder — to live in the present and make the most of the free time I have.

Should this pesky observation happen on Friday, whatever happens, at least it’ll be done and I’ll get to say hello to the weekend once more!

Besides, if it does go wrong, it’s not like they can fire me since, you know, I am resigning. ~lels~


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