Life is a series of moments
Cultivated from memories
It is precious and finite
It is precious because it is finite
Each one of ours is a gift from God
Each one of ours is written by the Hands of God
And if one day, He decides
To put down the pen
In writing mine
Let me ask you, dear reader
Eight simple requests

First, please forgive me
For my shortcomings
For the times I may have hurt or disappointed you
For my selfishness
I am but a flawed daughter of God
Know that I have tried to be better
But if I wasn’t, if there was a moment that became a memory
That I failed… please forgive me.

Second, please hug my mom.
She’s the strongest person I know,
But I also know she’ll need you.
Please hug my brother also, and let them be
My true corporeal extensions,
As I leave in them a part of me,
To pray and praise God.

Third, please lay me beside my dad.
I would like to be with him as I wasn’t able to
When he was alive.
Perhaps, this is the time for us to bond.
I hope you’d find some comfort in the idea
That I am finally reunited with my daddy.

Fourth, please donate my eyes and other body organs
As well as my personal belongings.
I have no need for them, but others may have.
Set me free and at peace, knowing that I have helped others.
Let the end of me, lead to a new beginning for them.

Fifth, during my wake, please be there for each other.
Hug, laugh out loud, sing, share stories.
Remember me by how I lived.

Sixth, talk to me.
Even just in soft whispers,
Or even in a letter.
Know that I will be there.
I will listen to you.

Seventh, have yellow and pink flowers for me.
And look at them knowing that
I am smiling my big toothy smile

Finally, send me off with a happy song
Because all I ever wanted in life
Was to have a happy heart

And if you have read this
That means I have succeeded
For I know God would never put His pen down
Until I was

Thank you, dear reader
Thank you, everyone.

It has been a blast.


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