Almighty Father, thank you.

Thank you for the last 27 years of being alive. Thank you for the last 365 days I got to spend with the people I love. Thank you for allowing me to be who I am, for making me a teacher, for giving me the gift of words, for enabling me to appreciate and celebrate the creativity of others, and for the quiet moments in between, when I am reminded of just how beautiful and amazing life is.

Thank you for being there for me when things get too much for me to bear and all I can do is pray. Thank you for listening to my prayers, and for granting only those that You know will make me better, and help me be the person you plan me to be. Thank you for letting me cry to you all my frustrations, fears, anxieties, dreads, and worries. Thank you for giving me moments of clarity, where I am in the moment and all I see are the blessings You have endowed on me, unworthy that I am.

Thank you for the sunrise, the rains, the clouds, the stars, the full moons, the rainbows and the sunsets. Thank you for the coffee, the junk food, the dinner dates with my friends and family, and the viands I got to consume this year, and the previous years I’ve been alive. Thank you for the clothes, the shoes, the bags, the make up, and all the other fashionable frivolities I got to enjoy. Thank you for the bustling noise of the city, for the heavy traffic, for the smooth flow of vehicles on a misty morning, for the jeepney drivers, for the ability to walk, for the freedom to go to places, and for the quiet of home.

You have given me so much already and I’ve kept on asking for more, human that I am. I am sorry. Grant that I be more keen in seeing all these blessings in my everyday life, as I welcome a brand new year of existence.

But if You will allow me one more special prayer, my Lord, my God, author of my life… I pray for a family of my own. A good man to be my partner in life. A healthy child to raise who will glorify Your name. A family who will be led and governed by You. A family who will love and serve You. A family who will have You as our Lord, Savior and Redeemer.

I am terrified to ask this, as You are most likely aware, because I don’t want to put myself out there and be vulnerable to disappointment and rejection. Still, I know if I ask, and if I believe, I will receive what is meant for me.

If this is what is meant for me, my God, I know, You will make it happen.

But if you have other plans for me, my Creator… guide and teach me to accept my fate and my purpose. Help me surrender fully to Your will, so that I will be able to accomplish my role in Your majestic plan of salvation.

Before I end this personal prayer, I also would like to lift up all the people in my life to You. Thank you for letting me know and learn from them. Please keep them all safe and guarded. I also lift up my country to You. Keep the Philippines in Your care, my Lord. Lastly, I pray for the world. I pray for tolerance, respect, genuine concern and love for all of humanity, and all of creation.

2015 has been epic. I feel that 2016 will be a time of renewal… to be fresh again…

I don’t know what is in store for me this year. All I know is that I will be still and know You are God.



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