Tomorrow’s the last day of the Misa De Gallo. I’m so happy I got to complete the nine morning masses for the second time. Last year, it was such a euphoric moment, and all I could utter in prayer was thank you. Though I am still and forever will be thankful for all the blessings God has given me, I do have nine specific intentions in mind.

1. I pray for peace of mind. This year has been difficult and challenging, with all the anxieties and doubts looming over my head, but it has also driven me closer to God, as I found the peace I needed whenever I speak to Him in prayer. I seek for His continuous guidance of my life, as I have fully surrendered to His will.

2. I pray for love. This is one of those things I am really, really scared of. My mind and my heart are at odds. But since I have let go to God’s will, then if it’s in His plan for me fall in love, then it’ll happen. If it doesn’t, then, maybe my life really wasn’t meant to be a romance, but a different adventure altogether. All I know for sure is that God’s writing it as we speak, and there’s no need for me to worry.

3. I pray for my family, for their safety and happiness. I’d really like for us to be closer next year.

4. I pray for good health. It’s high time I take mine seriously since I’m not getting any younger.

5. I pray for financial abundance. Since I am planning to leave my current school after my contract ends, I’d need to be more thrifty and mindful of my expenses.

6. I pray for career guidance and clarity. I’m not totally sure if teaching is still for me, but I’m even more unsure of what else I can do if I’m not teaching. I don’t want to rush into something else again, not after what happened this year. I want to take my time to figure things out, and I know with His help, I’ll find what I am looking for.

7. I pray for Twenty. She’s been with me for seven years already, but I’m not ready for her to go. Not yet. I hope next year she’ll still be with me when I re-read this… If so, then go cuddle her, future Beryl!

If not, then say a little prayer of thanks for the years you got to cuddle with her — and she’d let you. She’s in a happier place now, across the rainbow, and in time, you’d get to cuddle with her again. Believe. Smile.

8. I pray for my writing. I really would like to write and get published. I just need that push, that motivation, that spark. It’ll happen. Claim it. Work on it.

9. I pray for everyone who made my 2015 richer — my learners, co-teachers, work colleagues, friends, acquaintances — that they may be guided and guarded by God at all times. I pray for the Philippines. I pray for the world.

I’m off to bed. Goodnight!

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