Fan Girl Mode

We’re minutes away from the start of Direk Joey Reyes’ contest on Twitter for three very precious premier night tickets for AlDub’s first movie My Bebe Love #KiligPaMore.

I REALLY, REALLY, REALLY WANT THOSE TICKETS that I went and lied — AGAIN! — at work, just so I can come home early. It’s a little white lie still, since the weather is really bad right now. I left school at 3:32 PM and got home around 5:40 PM, and the sun had already set.

It’s all good in the end.

Whew. I’m really excited for this opportunity. You see, whoever gets to win one of the three VIP tickets will get to bring one companion (in my case, it’ll have to be my mom), not only to get to watch MBL with the stars, but also will get to walk the red carpet. I mean, seriously. My real motivation here is to meet Maine Mendoza. And Alden Richards. But mostly Maine Mendoza. I really just love her, okay, and it’ll be  SOOOOOO FREAKING GREAT if I can get to meet her, hug her, say thanks for all the good vibes she has brought into my life, wish her well in her career (and in her writing!) and take as many selfie shots with her as possible.

REALLY. That would make 2015 perfect. If that happens.

It’s 8:44 PM now. Rain is pouring outside. I’m getting really tense now.

Will update you again. Later.


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