I’m all set up to go to work. Didn’t wear my uniform because I think it’s still in the laundry. Yep, I have my priorities straight.

I really, really hoped that it’ll be raining when I wake up, and the powers that be will suspend classes, and I’ll be given a day off to watch as many One Direction videos I want, read and tweet about AlDub and laze around, because that’ll just be perfection. But alas, there’s no rain here, and the only reason I’m not leaving the house yet is because at 5:44 AM, it’s still so freaking dark outside. I’m not going to risk it, even if our neighborhood is relatively safe.

Or maybe I am still hoping they’d decide to suspend classes… It’ll suck if I’m already on my way to work when they do so.


To be clear, the reason I’d want classes to be suspended is because I want to laze around the house, not because I’m avoiding anything at work. I think.

Anyway, I’ll have to go in a few minutes, and will again be excited to come home early later today so I can join in the Twitter game Direk Joey Reyes will have at 9PM. I really, really, really hope I’d win so I can bring mom to the My Bebe Love primier and meet Maine and Alden — AT LAST! It’ll be the BEST CHRISTMAS GIFT ever if that happens, and I swear, if I don’t win, I’ll bawl. SERIOUSLY. I want those invites THAT BADLY.


I’m going now. Haist….


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