The Sunday Currently # 5


It’s the first Sunday of December and FINALLY, we are D-O-N-E with the cheer dance practices that has held me up in school L-A-T-E-R than I would have normally wanted. To say that I would miss the heavy rush time traffic would be a lie. Starting tomorrow, I am out by 3:30 PM, on the dot if I can pull it off.

Seriously though, this whole experience has taught me so much about myself, particularly my limits. I, apprently, care way too much about what other people think (which is not good), can cling rely to my faith in God (which is good) and can withstand anything by proactively and mindfully living in gratitude (which is great, because this is what I want my life to be about).

Right after today’s event, I took some time to rest in Ms. Rona’s classroom. I was up by 3 AM this morning, my feet hurt and the only thing I consumed all morning was a cup of taho. I was drained, but I decided to attend mass in Sto. Domingo Church since it was right beside AC and I knew if I didn’t do it then, I’d probably miss another Sunday service. God has been with me through all these stressful days and the simplest thing I can (and should) do is give a small amount of time to worship and give thanks. Confession: I didn’t get to hear the Word though. By the time I entered the church, the priest was already done with his reflections/ sermon. I hope God understands though; I was really exhausted earlier. I am actually planning to take a nap after this, unless of course something else distracts me.

Anyway, I am currently:

thinking about the learner who accidentally fell from a stunt last Friday. Her mother texted me and Ms. Rona that they’d seek medico-legal consult after the kid’s test results revealed just how serious her injuries were. She fell off from attempting a toss stunt, one that I didn’t know she was doing since she wasn’t even one of the flyers. She was a spotter. We had to go through the routine without her and another kid (who I will speak with tomorrow). I admit that I was at fault because I had allowed them to practice stunts even without the mats, an oversight that I will NEVER AGAIN commit.

hoping that the kid gets better and this whole issue blows over soon. When this accident happened, I think I may have reached a peak of my limits, though I wasn’t really aware that I was that obvious or that people were actually watching me. I guess this one of those things that are unique when you’re teaching in high school: the kids are really looking at you and they’re no longer little kids who will follow you around. They think, act, react and form their opinions, as they should be able to. But it was nerve-wracking, hearing these people, ten years my junior, being level-headed, open-minded and most importantly, forgiving. I think I blamed my self more because they weren’t. This is again my rather paradoxical (or is it ironical? illogical? stupid?) way of self-preservation and masochism. I think I may have to reflect on that further… and soon.

wondering how AC will handle this issue. In my experience, private schools tend to leave their teachers to the wolves (i.e. the parents) when things like this happens, which is why I was really a nervous wreck last Friday though I tried to hide it. I don’t think I was successful since a fellow teacher and one of the learners I’m very close too felt the need to comfort me. I think I calmed down when I got to speak with the principal. She advised me to write an incident report (which I have) and make contact with the parent (which I did). All I can do now really is pray that (1) they won’t let the wolves eat me up and (2) all WILL be well in the end.

just finished eating the mango-graham refrigerator cake I bought from my students. Brother ate the last two pieces and I let him because (1) he was hungry, (2) I wanted to share to him my concerns re: the girl who fell whose mother may or may not be planning to sue the school, or God forbid, me (#overthinkpamore) and (3) I needed to stop myself from eating any more of those yummy mango-graham ref cakes or I may get diabetes (which runs in BOTH sides of the family).

smelling my hair. It’s still smells fresh (thank you Rejoice!) despite the fact that I was out of the house all morning. Side note: I’m so happy my ultimate girl crush Maine is promoting Rejoice. Wala lang, fan girl e.

drinking lots and lots of water because WATER IS LOVE!

hearing my electric fan and my self tapping on the keyboard. It’s been getting colder and colder as we near the end of the year. This is my favorite type of weather though. Oh and Twenty’s been mewling ever since I got home because she’s hungry, but I didn’t get to buy cat food so she’ll have to wait for mom to get home with some. #catproblems

wearing my favorite deconstructed black “I’m the prettiest woman ever” tee (with small bows at the back) and undies hahaha TMI! With my hair down and all messy because IT’S SUNDAY Y’ALL

feeling like a headache is looming around the corner. Mom scheduled a body massage later at 10:30 so I may have some time still to catch up on some sleep.

wishing my brother would have stayed with me and allowed me to finish my rants. He left the room when he finished the ref cake, and went to buy food outside. Now he’s back in his room.

hoping that my grandfather ISN’T planning to come home this month, or any time soon for that matter. Because… really…

praying that these remaining weeks will get on smoothly and that the YS 10 players avoid any more injuries, and of course, win their games. We already have one win: our escort won Mr. Intrams. They only announced the champion, both for the cheering and Mr. and Ms. Intrams. I’m pretty confident our muse would’ve been in the top 3, but I’m afraid our cheer squad may have gotten the last place. Oh well. We did what we could. Earlier this morning, on the way to school (and it was still dark, btw), I was thinking of possible future themes for cheer dance competitions. I went from ninjas, to an under the sea theme, to zombies, to outers pace, and then started mismatching them silly. Imagine: zombie ninjas, zombies in the sea, ninjas in outerspace, ninjas under the sea, zombie ninjas under the sea, zombie austronauts under the sea! Yeah, I crack myself up.

I’m really happy now that my task for this year’s intrams/ sports fest is finished. We’ll have to convince the kids to get back on the usual schedule starting tomorrow, since we won’t really be watching all games. At the end of the day, it’s academics first, of course. Though I have to admit: the Christmas vacation bug has bitten me already as well. We’ll see. One of the things I’ve learned this year in AC is that you have really learn to let go of control and just go with the flow, but be sure to think quickly when need be. Basically, it’s a test of flexibility and resiliency, and I’m pretty proud of myself so far.

All thanks to God, as always.

Off to nap (maybe).



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