This performance made me tear up unexpectedly. A definite MUST WATCH.

I’ve been following 4th Impact’s journey in the current season of The X-Factor UK and this is by far, my favorite performance of theirs yet. Until this, I really loved their rendition of “Love the Way You Lie” by Rihanna. 

I know they’re great in dancing as well, and all of their other performances have been, as Rita Ora once commented, perfection, but I really love it when they sing slower songs and showcase their individual ranges as well as some vulnerability. (Note to self: Vulnerability has become so attractive to me, and I have a feeling to a whole lot of Filipinos as well, in the past few months, as we’ve seen once-normal everyday people rise to stardom just by being who they are. I pray that I also master my own self and be more honest with myself, and in turn, with others. I think that’ll be key in letting my true light shine.)

Seriously, I’ve been around great Filipino singers — I’ve even had one as a classmate back in high school — and I am aware of just how talented Filipinos are in the performing arts (and in other forms of art as well, only not as supported), that I sometimes find it amusing how foreigners act all surprised by what they can do. It may be prejudice, or it may be because we have milder, calmer personalities (at least in most cases) that when performers like 4th Impact or Marlisa Punzalan (winner of The X-Factor Australia 2014) or Cyrus Villanueva (winner of THIS year’s The X-Factor Australia) or Charice (Google her! I mean it!) show their true colors while performing, they get so amazed. while I pretty much expect it because I believe in Filipino talent. 

Sometimes I feel bad that we need external affirmation to believe in our own, but then if you think about it, I guess it all boils down to how humble we are as a people, to the extent that we sometimes (a lot of times?) sell ourselves short, until someone else comes along and tells us something we don’t — CAN’T — see for ourselves. 

I wouldn’t have it any other way though. I think humility and vulnerability are two of the most attractive traits, partly because I have yet to master them myself (working on it though), but mostly because I believe in that Bible verse that goes: “Humble yourselves, therefore, under God’s mighty hand, that he may lift you up in due time.” 

I really hope and pray that 4th Impact wins it all in the end, but if God has other greater plans for them, I pray that they always remember to be there for each other, and to always, always promote and live out the Filipino values and heritage of humility.


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