An Open Letter to the Bashers and Haters who have no Chill and Need a Life

Posted this on the Aldub Nation page, wasn’t sure if it’ll be approved but it WAS, a few moments ago. Anyway, just wanted to put it here too.

Let me get to the point: HINDI PO PERFECT SI MAINE AT ALDEN. They’re human and therefore have flaws of their own. Napapagod sila. Nagkakamali. Pumapalpak. Nauunahan ng kilig kaya mali ang nasasabing joke.

At ‘yun po natural na pagiging tao nila na hindi perpekto ang dahilan kung bakit mahal namin sila.

Their blooming relationship on-screen is unprecedented and unpredictable. We don’t know what to expect, and we expect a lot, but mostly, we are rooting for them to triumph over the impossible.    

Just by being who they are. Walang pretensions. Totoo.

Whatever they have behind the cameras is theirs, pero dahil genuine silang mga tao, they can’t help but reveal bits and pieces of it on screen. And that kilig makes us crazy, yes. Madami kaming theories. Madami kaming wishful thinking. Pero at the end of the day, sila pa din ang may hawak sa mga puso at buhay nila. Supportive lang kami.

Now, I know there’s a tendency for some of us to become defensive. Mahal namin e. Syempre we want to protect it. But mostly, we accept that not everyone can appreciate what we see and feel, because we’re all different. Respeto na lang. Hindi naman po basta-bastang fans ang AlDub Nation. Nag-iisip din po kami. Nag-aanalyze pa nga madalas (s/o to AlDub SOCO). We are not blinded by how we feel about AlDub; WE ARE EMPOWERED BY IT.

So sa mga taong di gusto ang AlDub dahil (1) di nila kilala, (2) ayaw nilang kilalanin at (3) mas bet nila sa kabila: LIVE and LET LIVE. We are free to LOVE what we love. We are free to LAUGH at what we find to be funny. We should LEARN from every experience we have, good or bad.

First and last time ko po itong gagawin kasi ayoko talagang pinapansin ang mga di naman nakakaganda. Nairita lang ako kasi medyo sabay sabay yung mga nakita ko.

Alam ko rin iilan lang ang makakabasa nito, pero I just wanted to share my insights. Salamat admin for allowing this post. *crossfingers*


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