You are so interesting to me, I don’t even know why. It’s not even your looks, or how you talk, or what you do. It’s all of it, but not any of it in particular.

You just get my attention. Something changes in the air when you come into the room. My senses are heightened and I get flushed. Try as I might to cover it up, it just gets more obvious.

I can’t seem to be myself when you’re near. I can’t make eye contact. I can’t breathe normally. My heart jumps a beat, I start to sweat in my armpits and all the while, you remain clueless.

Yet, when you’ve left, I feel like you’re still there. In the deepest recesses of my mind, you’re there. I wonder about you, about my reactions to you. I think about the next time I see you. I promise myself I’ll be normal then.

But then when it does happen, all of my preparations get thrown out the window. You just have that effect in me. I’m not sure it’s healthy. I’m not sure if it’s permanent.

But I’m pretty sure I’m enjoying it.

Don’t ask me why though.


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