Much has been said, tweeted and printed about her. Much will be, in the next coming months, I’d imagine.

She is Maine Mendoza, a simple 20 year old girl from Bulacan, Philippines, who was plucked from obscurity and out of pure genuineness of reactions, catapulted into stardom and fame.

Well – deserved, mind you, because this young woman is more than just her looks; she’s witty, funny, kind and humble. Of course all of these I am merely basing from the growing resource of information about her, primarily her five year old blog which isn’t really a reliable source of who she is NOW since most of the entries came pre-AlDub. I’m still waiting for her to update it, soon, and I have this feeling that whatever she’ll eventually share there would be BIG.

Her magic on me came as a surprise. I have had girl crushes before: Emma Watson being the leader of the pack. Unlike my other favorite females though, Maine was local. Purely Filipina, and was part of the longest running noontime show in the country that I grew up watching but had long since stopped caring about because my taste of entertainment was different from what they offered. Yet, somehow, this simple, wacky, silly girl got my attention and affection, as well as thousands of others.

I’d like to say I recognize her complex inner beauty the moment I saw her because we’re both introverts, but that would be a lie. As un-feministic as it may be, it was Alden’s reaction to seeing her on that September 12 episode (#ALDUBTheAbduction) that made me wonder: who is this girl who had made one of the most clean-cut, prim and proper matinee idols of this generation, grin like a silly, lovelorn puppy?


I quickly learned she had a blog, one that has been up for a while. It was fairly easy to read that she was clearly an intelligent, well-educated person from a well-to-do family. She was very open in her blog, about her love life, her insecurities, and articulated her thoughts very well. I began envying her somewhat. Not just because of what she was experiencing now, but because she was able to chronicle her life in one place, whilst I have deleted my four-year old blog just like that.

But then I realized, Maine’s magic in me, beyond the AlDub kilig feels she and Alden never fails to cause every single afternoon since I became fascinated by their pairing, is the fact that she’s a solid evidence that life can surprise you. That what you have now is precious as it is fleeting, and that God has greater plans for you than you have for yourself. It doesn’t matter what age you are either. She’s only 20 and has accomplished so much of her secret dreams. I’m 27 and I have done so much as well, and I believe with all my heart that my secret dreams are also in the works. I just have to be patient and trust in God.

She and Alden have made life better just by being who they are. It is not an easy feat; in this day and age of Instagram and Facebook, you want to show off only the best side of you. Maine had changed that thinking for me, and I believe for a lot of people as well. This is why I admire her. This is why I am a fan.

That said, expect a chuck load of posts about her in the future in your dash. You’ve been warned.

ALDUB you all.


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