One of the best things you can experience is watching someone rambling about the thing they are most passionate about. The way their eyes sparkle as they tell you about it, how excited they seem when they remember past events, the quirky way they look at you when they realize they’ve been talking for minutes, hours. And then the happiness in their eyes when you ask them to go on. They know you might not even care or be into what they like, but hell you might be the first person to listen. That’s exciting.

I long to experience this one day with you. It’ll be fascinating to watch you talk, listen as you get so excited about something that you feel strongly about.

I promise that I would listen, and I’d even ask questions about it. You’d know I hear everything you’re saying, because it’ll be a conversation of minds. You won’t be alone in your fascination; I’ll try my best to share it. We would be partners that way, connected by something that we both value. Your passion, the thing that makes you happy, that makes you YOU, will make you even more beautiful and precious to me.

It’ll be worth the wait.


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