My mom asked me: “Maganda naman ‘yung episode, di ba?” She wanted to verify if what she felt — the giddiness, the kilig, the good vibes — was not just her own biased perspective, as she admits her own obsession with these two.

Her doubts are not unwarranted; this AlDub phenomenon has stirred up our lives and changed it — for the better, yes, but still, one must wonder, what magical pull does these two seemingly normal, albeit very attractive and talented, young individuals, have to do something so amazing?

I’ve been a fan girl my whole life, long before I even learned of the word. But these two have changed it for me. It’s no longer just an admiration for what they do or who they are or what they represent. It’s a celebration of a person/ persons’ unique and God-given ability to inspire something good and wonderful.

And it’s really, really a beautiful thing to watch.


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