Random Friday Night # 1

It’s once again a random Friday night. I managed not to overthink myself to death and despair (emo, much?) this week, which is something to be proud of. It’s all thanks to my, and the rest of the country’s, current addiction: ALDUB.

Confession: I do think Alden Richards is very attractive, both inside and out, but I have the biggest girl crush on Maine Mendoza. For real.

Seriously, I got through this week because of the good vibes and silly laughter the Kalye Serye, with Alden and Maine/ Yaya Dub as the focal point, has brought every night as I watch the replay. I haven’t slept earlier than 11 PM because I just couldn’t get enough of them, which should not have put in a good mood, but it was worth the puyat. Every morning, I wake up with a smile, a bigger one than I used to force on myself have. I say a silent prayer of thanks, and then I go about my routine in the morning. It’s easier to get myself out of the feelings of dread that creeps over me when I remind myself that once the day is done, I’ll get to see Alden and Maine and D’Lolas. It’s weird, this fascination over fictional characters, but it’s also really great.

I’d like to believe that something that makes so many people happy and positive is God-sent. 

On a more personal note, I’ll be pretty busy this coming week. The much-awaited sports intramural is happening this December, and the mods were so nice to give me the cheer dance event that kick starts everything. The learners have been talking non-stop about this since June, and now that’s around the corner, everyone’s getting ready to bring their A-game. 

This is my first high school intrams, and the first time that I’d be handling the cheer dance event, so I’m pretty psyched (though not as much as I am at the prospect of watching AlDub/ Kalye Serye, at least not yet). I’m hoping and praying that this experience will be, as all the other experiences I may have, a positive one.

But for now, I’m going to fangirl some more.

(All pics in this post are CTTO/ copide from Google Images)


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