When I got The Letter, I felt like I was backhanded on the face, punched in the gut, kicked from behind and pulled out from my happy place without explanation, ALL THE SAME TIME.

It was, and still is, my biggest failure. How did I not see it? How did I let them fool me with their fake smiles and their flowery words of praise? How had I let them take so much from me, and then take everything? 

But then, I knew, though that particular chapter ended abruptly, I wasn’t about to let it all end there. I fought for my footing. I held on to God. I keep holding on to God. He led me there to find Him. I left with him in my heart. And for all the anger and regret I feel for how it all ended, I am thankful for that one thing.

I am still healing, but I’m no longer wounded. And I have God to thank for that.


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