Worked on this for over a month or so, and then the powers that be opted not to show it because it might distract the graduates from singing the song, which is already infuriating, but then when they tried to show it, the detestable sound system wouldn’t work… 

But hey, I did have fun doing this video, because this batch was the best I’ve ever handled and I love all my kids, from the tough yet extremely sweet kids from Queen of Virgins, the most behaved kids from Queen of Comforters, the hyper and always up for a game kids from Queen of Angels, the intellectual kids from Queen of Patriarchs to the always exciting, never boring charming kids from Queen of Peace.

And of course, my babies from Queen of Chastity who we’re never quiet for longer than five minutes (and that’s only because I won’t let them go home if they make a single sound).

I will always remember that school year with a smile. 

Midweek throwback… 


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