My Favorite Things # 01

Some of the things that make my life better.

My ACER Aspire One laptop that my mom originally won in a Bingo event sponsored by the Parents – Teachers Association in my former school. It’s been with me for almost three years now, and has made my work life easier and fan girl life alive. These days, I use it to mostly for writing and show/ movie watching.

My Samsung Galaxy V smartphone that I bought a year ago while in Makati. I originally had a Samsung Galaxy 7 Duos smartphone but it was stolen from my bag while on the MRT on the way home to Marikina. I punished myself for two months for being careless with something so pricey (it was 8K and not even a month-old!). When I found out there was a Samsung smartphone being sold for 5K and it basically had the same specs as my stolen phone, I decided to get most of my savings and buy it. So far, it’s been working real well for me, as it keeps me entertained during long hours in the jeepney on the way home from school.

My plastic pink tray that mom and I bought from the mall. It’s been my “work” table for the past year.

My pink backpacks that I just washed today. I like using backpacks rather than shoulder bags because it keeps the weight balanced, and my bags are often heavy with paper and stuff.

My bed which was originally mom’s bed, but I took it from her when I got back from the dorms, since my brother took my foldable bed when I left. I’m planning to buy mom a bed for Christmas, as she has been sleeping in the sofa in the living room ever since her operation.

My fluffy pink slippers that I use inside the house. I bought them a couple of months ago, because they’re pink and fluffy. As a child, one of my first memories was by parents, especially my dad, were always reminding me to wear my slippers, which I adorably mispronounced as ‘lipush’. One of my vivid memories as a kid was of me trying to get my slippers from under the sofa and having a hard time at it because my arms were too short, so I called my dad and told him “Lipush, wawing!” which means “Slippers, ilalim (under)!” Since then, I’ve never been comfortable being barefoot, unless I’m on hard wood floors, like the ones we have in our rooms.

All of my pink clothes that I wear practically every week ever since I started working in AC. We got our uniforms last week but they have to be adjusted to fit me (and I’d have to go on a real diet and exercise more so they won’t any tighter) before I get to wear them. I’ve started loving pink when I became a professional teacher. I don’t really know why, but I like it’s femininity, though I wouldn’t say there’s any color exclusive by gender. Pink is my happy color, basically.

My hair. I’ve wanted long hair for as long as I can remember, and for the first time in my 20s, I don’t feel like my hair is dragging me down that I would need to chop it all off. See, I got my hair from my dad, meaning it’s super thick and volumnous, and with the humid weather we have, it has been dry for a long time. Three years ago, I got it rebonded and ever since been doing so every six months. It’s already overdue another treatment, actually.


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