Binge Watch: Gotham

I finish watching Gotham a couple of days ago but didn’t get to write about it until today. I figured what better way to spend Saturday morning, right?

Yeah, my priorities are a bit skewed. But anyway…

I’m a sucker for police procedural dramas. I find them very educational and informative. I’ve gotten particular with how the system ideally works because of shows like “Bones”, “Rookie Blue” and “Law and Order: SVU”. 

I find Gotham a bit refreshing in the sense that the writers can have the characters mess up and get away with it, because that’s how Gotham is. Characters like Fish Mooney and Carmine Falcone would never have worked in any other cop show.

That said, I like how the writers allowed the characters to develop gradually without letting the story become draggy. This is Batham mythos, so there’s a whole lot of stuff they can add into the mix. But then, if they put it all, all at once, not only would it be too overwhelming for both fans and non-fans, it may also seem like they’re trying too hard. Comic book characters turned into live action TV and movie is all the rage, because it sells millions, and they want to attract attention and maintain it.

Jim Gordon’s multi-faceted character, with the amazing acting prowess of Ben Mackenzie, is an interesting watch, and he gets on well with the iconic villanous characters, who are all my favorite. I’ve always had this opinion that the most interesing aspect to Batman is his crazy psycho enemies.

The best part of the show, and I have to admit, the real reason I decided to see it, is seeing young Batman and Catwoman. 

Bruce and Selena are too adorable for words. David Mazouz is a definite cutie/ hottie in the making and Camren Bicondova’s doll-like features clashes to her edgy personality, and it just makes me like her even more. Their first encounter is one of the TV moments I’ll remember for a long time, together with the first encounter of Oswald Cobblepot (a.k.a. Penguin) and Edward Nygma (a.k.a. The Riddler).

I’m excited to see where Season 2 goes from this point on, though it’ll have to wait a bit because all of my other shows have just returned from season break. I’ll try to come out with at least one post per show at a minimum.


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