It was hands down Gawi’s.

In my opinion anyway.

But then I’m just a fan, a biased fan at that, so it probably wouldn’t count much. 


The Salinggawi Dance Troupe’s pintados-inspired tiger is Awesome with a capital A!

I’m trying to be more gracious about it, because really that’s how Thomasians are. Add to the fact that I did comment about UP’s lack of grace whenever they don’t like the results. I’m proud of the SDT for being good examples: no one made a face or looked unhappy for being named first runners-up. 

Unlike our state scholars… I get that they’re confident of their routine and their performance, but you can’t win all the time, which is a great thing because you can’t lose all the time either. I guess I wanted them, just once, to show actual sportsmanship.


The results are in! Apparently, UP was flawless, but for some reason NU gets the highest (by a large margin) in tumbling, stunts and tosses… I wonder how much why everyone else on Twitterverse missed that. The dance goes to UST though.

Over-all, I’m glad that the old SDT is back and getting better as they grow. It’s been awhile since I got goosebumps from watching a performance, and it was a really good feeling. Hopefully, they’ll keep it up and do better next year.

Anyway, it’s Gilas Pilipinas vs.China later, for the FIBA 2015 Championship. I’m feeling a bit better now to cheer my heart out for my home team! Go Philippines!


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