The Basics


NAME: Beryl Joselle Arguelles Veranga

NICKNAMES: with family – Bej, Bejo or “ate” (because I’m the eldest), in school – Ms. Bee, with myself – Beryl

LOCATION: Marikina City, Philippines

BIRTH DATE: 20 August 1988   AGE: 27  ZODIAC SIGN: Leo

GENDER: female  STATUS: *blissfully* single

RELIGION: Roman Catholic


  • the colors pink, yellow and black
  • cats
  • western pop culture
  • the English language
  • lists
  • quotes
  • McDonald’s chicken nuggets, KFC chicken, Burger King’s Long Chicken Sandwich with cheese


  • pink
  • my cat Twenty
  • Filipino food (SINIGANG!!!)
  • One Direction
  • tons of American some some British TV shows
  • books (especially YA)
  • Harry Potter
  • watching movies (for free!)
  • teaching the English grammar and literature
  • being Bee


  • get my Master’s Degree on Language and Literature Teaching from the Ateneo 
  • see more of the Philippines
  • learn a musical instrument (piano or guitar)
  • get into a sport (boxing!)
  • learn to drive, cook, draw, sing, and dance (though maybe not at the same time)
  • write a book and get it published
  • be happy while I work on my goals

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