Arguelles cousins playing MY Uno cards… without me!!! 😒

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The Filipino tradition of visiting our departed loved ones has always been one of my favorites because I get to see and catch up with these people. We haven’t seen each other in a while so the usual noise is extra, well, noisy. 💜👻🎃

#me #journal #Halloween (at Manila North Cemetery)

Random Thoughts on a Friday Night

  1. I want to get a small, rose tattoo on my nape. Before I’m 30. And when I find a reliable tattoo parlor.
  2. What if I’m fated to feel the giddiness of love (kilig) through the shows I watch and books I read?
  3. Staying single and being happy on your own isn’t such a bad thing. Right?
  4. I’d rather be alone on my own than be alone in a group of people. 
  5. I really want to write about AlDub, but I don’t want AlDub to take over my life. I don’t want anything to take over my life. 
  6. I miss being an adviser.
  7. I love the freedom and the free time I get to have.
  8. I’ve been teaching for four and half school years, and I still feel as lost as I had when I first started. 
  9. I’m too hard on myself.
  10. I’m too easy on myself.
  11. I’m going to watch The Walking Dead now (and fantasize about the day I get to be a zombie extra!)