The AlDub Feels are Real, but are the Feelings???

Disclaimer: I am writing this post because I like to overthink about life’s crazy twists and turns, especially if it has absolutely nothing to do with mine. And yes, I am writing this because I know this a very popular topic (20 M tweets AND COUNTING) and I’m hoping it’ll get your attention. But mostly, I am writing because I am absolutely gaga over this love team, like I’ve never been before, and these two awesome individuals are awesome in their own right, and writing about them seems like the best way to spend a a Saturday night. 

The AlDub fever is high nowadays. If you’re a Filipino and have access to the longest running noon time show in the country (possibly in the world — thought I have to do some research on that… later), chances are, you’ve seen them. Perhaps you’ve even seen them from the start. I have to be honest though: I only gave my attention to this fad after I saw this:


Seriously, Alden WAS NO LONGER ACTING HERE. This is legit kilig (sadly one of those Filipino words that can never be truly translated into English, so let me define it as “excessive giddiness when near or close to a person you like, admire, are attracted to, have feelings for or all of the above”) and I was hooked. 

From that day on, I have become semi-obsessed. Usually, when I get home from work, I spend a good thirty minutes on Facebook, randomly swiping on posts, pictures and whatnot, but now, I’ve gone to searching the most recent episode of the Kalye Serye to loading up my SmartBro Pocket Wifi and searching for AlDub videos on You Tube or Facebook ON THE WAY HOME. Yes. I am on the jeepney ride from Quezon Ave. to Proj. 2-3, laughing on my phone like a crazy person, just because I need to get my kilig fill. 

I still consider this a mere semi-obsession, since my mom have watched ALL AlDub related videos, including those that were fan-made, and even their individual videos. That’s FULL-ON obsession in my book!

But then again, my mom and I are not unique in this. We, like the rest of the nation, are swept up with the unquestionable chemistry of Alden and Maine, and as humans, we thrive in the positive feelings brought about by a


love, even if we know/ acknowledge that it’s all acting. Sometimes I think I, and other people, feel more excited with the fact that these actors are just pretending, because the chances that the acting may become reality adds to the excitement. Wishful thinking can be a powerful inspiration, and motivation, to anyone.

But then, one must wonder: what if these all blows up to our faces as suddenly as it had captured our hearts? (I just re-read that sentence and I know how mushy it sounds but you get the point… I hope).

Alden and Maine are basically newbies in this industry. Their love team is powerful in it’s popularity, but what if it’s all for show, much like the rest? What if they’re just really good actors? What kind of message will that send to the society – especially the youth — who are so immersed in heartfelt hugots (“deep, often metaphorical, usually emotional, at times angst-ridden, and highly cynical musings) and doubts of the existence of the elusive forever?

Still, if Alden and Maine are truly falling for each other, well, that’ll be a different thing altogether. Sweet, and romantic, and inspirational, yes. But then, I wonder: would they remain in the spotlight and milk out the attention, which basically equates to numerous advertisement deals and sponsorship? Would they become a couple version of “The Truman Show”, and finally bring a scripted reality show, ala “Keeping Up with the Kardashians” to the Philippines?

And then there’s another scary possibility of only one of them having true feelings, while the other is merely acting and milking the opportunity. Either of them will just get hurt in the end, which would suck. I should know…

Though, really, I know all these are moot. (Overthinking almost always is!) We can’t predict the future. We can just make the most of the present. And today was a great day to be a an AlDub fan, because after all the wait, they’ve finally got to share a meal, talk face to face, take pictures together, touch hands (I hit my head on the wall when that happened!) and Maine finally spoke up, and we all got to witness it. Whatever else is in store for this two, all we can do is pray for them, and hope the best. 

As for the matter of forever being elusive, in my opinion, it has to be. If “forever” — that is something good, awesome, and perfect because it lasts all eternity — is easily achievable, people would be complacent, lazy and won’t be able to cherish what they have right now. It really isn’t the forever we all want, but the fleeting moments of sneak peeks and not-so-accidental touching. Those may not last forever in that moment, but the moment lasts forever in our minds and hearts, and that’s even better, right?

Happy National Pabebe Wave Day everyone! 


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