• Ron Weasley who was loyal and brave and kind.
  • Ron Weasley who was the youngest of all his brothers, and constantly felt compared to them, that he didn’t measure up to the rest of his family.
  • Ron Weasley who already suffered from an inferiority complex before befriending Harry Potter, The Boy Who Lived and taking all his burdens on his own, elven year old, shoulders.
  • Ron Weasley who ignored the feelings of jealousy for his friend, and stood by Harry’s side to support him.
  • Ron Weasley who was Harry Potters first friend after a lifetime of living with the Dursleys.
  • Ron Weasley and Hermione Granger who were Harry Potter’s first family.
  • Ron Weasley who made fun of Hermione Granger when he was eleven years old, and made sure she knew he didn’t mean it for the rest of their lives.
  • Ron Weasley who spent a ridiculous amount of his time explaining Wizard culture because his two bestfriends grew up Muggles.
  • Ron Weasley who had hand me down everything and always felt like everyone could tell his robes were an edition that came out nine years ago and his mum had fitted them for him. 
  • Ron Weasley who sacrificed himself because that’s the game when he was eleven years old.
  • Ron Weasley who wasn’t a muggle born or the chosen one, but was raised with morals and even if he didn’t quite understand his privilege, fought to level the playing field so he didn’t have claim to that privilege anymore. 
  • Ron Weasley who let Harry be a normal kid, and was maybe the first person in Harry’s memory to love the little, skinny, boy with broken glasses and messy hair.
  • Ron Weasley who stood up for Hermione Granger in class, because yes, he teased her, but that was different.
  • Ron Weasley who didn’t have a lot but shared what he did have without a second thought.
  • Ron Weasley who had a family, which he more than gladly shared with the boy who had none.
  • Ron Weasley who wrote to his mum, to ask her to make his new friend Harry a Christmas present too because he wasn’t getting anything from home this year.
  • Ron Weasley who stole a car to rescue Harry Potter from his Aunt and Uncle.
  • Ron Weasley who threw up slugs because Draco Malfoy called his best friend a mudblood, and it was a horrible attempt at defending her honor, but he had years to perfect it.
  • Ron Weasley who stood up and defended Harry on his broken leg against a supposed mass murderer because you’ll have to go through me to get to him.
  • Ron Weasley who was a Gryffindor but still didn’t have enough courage to ask Hermione Granger to the Yule Ball. 
  • Ron Weasley who never, for a minute, doubted Harry Potter.
  • Ron Weasley who loved his little sister, and never quite forgave himself for letting her spend that first year in all that pain. 
  • Ron Weasley who low-key tried to set up his sister and best mate when he figured out they were both Quidditch nerds and deceptively soft edged people with too much fight in their veins for anyone else to deal with.
  • Ron Weasley with scars up and down his arms from that night in Fifth Year that still gives him nightmares.
  • Ron Weasley who never told a single war story, despite the fact that he was entrenched in the war itself, because he couldn’t bear thinking about all he had lost in the war. 
  • Ron Weasley who married Hermione Granger with Harry Potter as his best man. 
  • Ron Weasley who raised two kids and made sure they both felt loved, and special and significant, because he knows what it feels like to feel invisible. 

In the movie, I loved Hermione (mostly because I have the biggest girl crush on Emma Watson) . Book – wise, I loved the Weasleys, especially Ron.


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