Hypothetically: A Oneshot

James’ stomach churned as he approached Professor McGonagall’s office. He drew up his strength and knocked on the door.


James nearly ran for it.

In the end, he bravely entered.

Professor McGonagall looked up from her book and crisply said, “Mister Potter; is something wrong?”

“No,” James replied, “Not exactly.”

Professor McGonagall surveyed the twelve-year-old for a moment before asking, “Well, can I help you with something?”

James hesitated before saying, “Err…hypothetically…”


James took a deep breath and it came out all at once, “Hypothetically, if animals can’t be infected with lycanthropy then does that mean that Animagus’ in their animal form won’t be infected as well?”

Professor McGonagall looked petrified.

She slowly removed her glasses.

“Hypothetically, of course,” James weakly said.

“Of course,” Professor McGonagall softly said, “Well…Mister Potter…hypothetically…I’d have to say that that is, indeed, true. However, it is also extremely dangerous to become an Animagus and one cannot officially begin the process until they’re of age.”

James nodded before asking, “And what process is that?”


“Hypothetically, Professor.”

“Right,” Professor McGonagall skeptically said, “Hypothetically, it is an extremely complicated process. It would take years of hard work.”

“Fascinating,” James innocently said, “And…err…hypothetically…do you know where I might find some books to look up this process? It sounds very interesting.”

Professor McGonagall rubbed her eyes and said, “I have not memorized the layout of the library, Mister Potter. That would be a question for Madam Pince. However, any book that you find will tell you what I already have – that you cannot become an Animagus until you’re the age of seventeen!”

“Of course,” James cried, “I’m just looking hypothetically.”


James tried not to vomit as he approached Professor McGonagall after class.

“Ah, Potter,” Professor McGonagall cried, “I was hoping to talk to you. You have seemed nauseous for days. I want you to report to Madam Pomfrey for a Pepperup Potion. The flu’s been going around.”

The thirteen-year-old’s eyes widened and he quickly said, “Oh, that’s not necessary.”

He nearly gagged and added, “Professor, hypothetically-“

She groaned.

“-what would you suggest to help rid one’s taste buds of the taste of mandrake leaves?”

It was Professor McGonagall’s turn to have widened eyes.

“Hypothetically, of course.”

Professor McGonagall sighed and curtly said, “Well…hypothetically…I would suggest a bit of mint. Perhaps a bit of chocolate. Potter-“

“Thanks, Professor!”

James made a dart for the door.


He sighed and turned back.

“Hypothetically,” Professor McGonagall quietly said, “If an underaged wizard were to attempt to become an Animagus and he was caught…he would face severe consequences. Including life in Azkaban.”

James stared at her for a moment.

At long last, he softly said, “Well, hypothetically, I suppose that wizard ought not to get caught then.”


James frantically knocked on Professor McGonagall’s door.

She whisked it open, sporting a dressing gown. It was, after all, three o’clock in the morning. The fourteen-year-old tried to act nonchalant as he fixed the pointed hat that was strangely perched on his head.

“Good evening, Professor!” James pleasantly said, “How are you?”

“What’s wrong, Potter?”


“Yes, yes, get on with it!”

She was getting quite sick of the questions; he was asking them almost once a week!

“-how would you get rid of antlers?”

Professor McGonagall stared at him.

“Hypothetically, of course?” Professor McGonagall finally asked.

“Of course.”

She shook her head and said, “Hypothetically, that student would need to Professor Slughorn and ask him to give them a Cornibus potion.”

“Cornibus?” James repeated.

Professor McGonagall nodded.

“Alright, thanks.”

“Potter,” Professor McGonagall quietly said, “Hypothetically…if a student is going to great lengths just to spend one evening a month with his friend, he is a very foolish man.”

James flinched.

Professor McGonagall then smiled and added, “But also a very brave one.”


James was finding it rather hard to remain calm.

He couldn’t supress the smile that was plastered on his face.

When the bell finally rang, signaling the end of class, he practically leapt out of his seat. Still, he patiently waited as the rest of the students left the classroom.

Professor McGonagall came over and gave him a quizzical look.

James glanced around, ensuring that they were alone.

He leaned forward and quietly said, “Hypothetically…it worked.”

Professor McGonagall’s mouth turned up at the ends.

“Hypothetically, I’m glad,” Professor McGonagall whispered, “And very proud.”

“Thanks, Professor,” James mumbled, “Hypothetically, of course.”

He chuckled and ducked as she swatted at him.

Hypothetically, this is one of my favorite things ever.

Hypothetically, this is better than any Marauders thing I’ve read.

Hypothetically I love this and would like to see the other’s versions

beckettshairporn take the time to read this if you haven’t already!! You won’t regret it


This is why Professor McGonaggal is the best imho



You know why Harry Potter is amazing? 99% of fan theories, headcanons and meta could be canon because Harry is about as observant as a brick wall. Did Slytherins come back to fight in the Battle of Hogwarts? Did Draco Malfoy enjoy crossdressing? Was Hermione transgender? Who knows, certainly not Harry