Dear Bee at 28,

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO US!!! Go on, flip your hair back and forth. You know you want to.

(NTS: This letter was originally posted on and was not edited.)

As I write this, we are days away from turning 27. Let me remind you that we wrote this letter as a form of checklist of what we have accomplished so far. There’s no need to feel bad if we haven’t done something yet. It just gives us more to do, and we love having things to do.

Right now, we are teaching in the Angelicum College, and enjoying the non-graded system it has, for it has allowed us to do more outside of our profession. We are grateful for finally being part of an institution we believe in, and we would love to be able to find a home here. So far, the longest we’ve stayed in one school is three years. For the past five years, we’ve learned to accept that there is no absolutely perfect system. Angelicum may not pay as much as St. Paul Makati, but other than that, we’ve found ourselves in a much better situation. I hope that you feel the same way, and whatever may have unfolded in the past two years have taught you to be better, both as a teacher and as a human.

Living at home has improved as well, and perhaps, even more so. I hope you’ve maintained a connection with Papa and Mama, as they have asked. It may not be easy, but it’s worth the free stay at their house, your home. And if you and mom are still having problems, don’t fret. It will all be okay in the end. So will your relationship with Boji. Family is just like that.

Speaking of relationships, if you are finally in one, take it easy. You’ve waited a long time for someone to be worth all the hassle, and there’s absolutely no need to rush. Now, if you’re still celebrating our single-blessedness, hooray for you! Make the most of our freedom and learn as much as you can. Travel. Write. Read. Experiment. There are no boundaries, only possibilities. Lots and lots of possibilities.

Travel the Philippines, alone as we have long daydreamed of doing. Get out of our comfort zone and try out the things you’ve read or seen other people doing. Go crazy and make tons of mistakes. If you have already, write it all down. If you haven’t, then what are you waiting for? Make the world your school! Let it teach you so much more than what others have experienced.

But do go back to school too. Take your MA so you can go back to UST College of Education and pay it all forward. You can do it all, I tell you. But when things start to feel overwhelming, take a breather. Inhale, exhale. Smile.

Write about our lives. Write a letter to the future us. Write a letter to our younger selves. Write stories, write poetry. Write and be grateful.

Be grateful for getting older, for being alive to see wonderful and awful things, for being here, now, reading this letter. Be grateful for all the we have, and all that we will have. And all that we have lost, and all that we wanted but never got. Be grateful that we have experienced rejection, defeat, lost, insecurities and worries. Be grateful that our God is bigger than any and all of those negative ideas. Be grateful in knowing that at the end of it all, we will find peace.

Happy birthday, sweetie. I hope you feel beautiful today and all times, with a heart full of love and gratitude and hope. Just be, and all will be well.


Bee at 26


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